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ANTIAGING CLINIC is a state-of-the-art medical clinic located in Portimão Marina.

The term Anti Aging refers to healthy aging, with more energy and vitality, more health and less disease.

We innovate and differentiate ourselves from the existing offer, through the set of highly differentiating medical specialties that we associate with this concept.

We have highly differentiated medical equipment to support state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatments.

Morpheus 8, Ultraformer III and Endolaser for treating fat, sagging and aging skin.

Fractional CO2 laser for skin rejuvenation.

AMMOS radiofrequency for vaginal rejuvenation.

Cardiorespiratory sleep study.

3D Ultrasound to support Women's Health

In all treatments we only use products with proven clinical evidence, from internationally recognized and approved brands.

We have multilingual, friendly and welcoming staff, always ready to help.


An excellent clinical team is one of the cornerstones for offering a highly qualified medical service.

At ANTIAGING CLINIC we have brought together a leading international medical team.

Our clinical staff constantly participates in medical conferences and training, in order to always be up to date with the latest scientific discoveries and innovations in terms of safety.


The facilities at this medical clinic were created with the aim of providing maximum comfort, in an elegant and exclusive environment, without the stigma of a hospital institution.

With a total area of 430 m2, we have spacious medical offices, a treatment room, a clinical analysis collection office, a massage office and a reception with a large waiting room with sea views.

We believe that the environment is therapeutic.

Wherever we look we always have water around us.


We are constantly innovating to be able to provide the best possible service.


One of the most popular areas of this medical clinic is plastic surgery.


The postoperative period of plastic surgery is a sensitive phase, which requires a lot of specialized care, and possible complications can be avoided if they are quickly oriented.


Our 24-hour plastic surgery post-operative support hotline is a strong factor of differentiation and innovation.


We guarantee close and hassle-free care.


This medical clinic is located in a strong point of tourist attraction, the Marina of Portimão.


Next to a port of vessels with a high flow of private yachts and cruise ships from other countries, this being the first large port that vessels find coming from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.


We are one of the most distinguished medical clinics, close to important centers of

resident foreigners, such as Ferragudo, Carvoeiro, Alvor, Lagos or Monchique.


Thousands of Portuguese patients come to us every year, but due to its location and international clinical staff, the vast majority of our patients are of foreign origin, both residents and non-residents.


The location chosen for this medical clinic was designed to promote Medical Tourism packages, both nationally and internationally.


We offer Preventive Medicine for Aging treatment plans, with a full check-up included, as well as Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery.


In the vicinity of the clinic there are several high-quality hotel units, which allow patients to stay comfortably installed during the days necessary to carry out the proposed treatment plan and respective follow-up appointments.


We intend shortly to reinforce the investment in state-of-the-art equipment, betting on a medical laser with the latest technology, specifically for the treatment of dermatological lesions.


We started evaluation studies to carry out expansion works, creating an area dedicated to Dental Medicine and Implantology, as the demand for these services in our clinic has been increasing.

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