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Deep and relaxing, this message is perfect for relieving stress, relaxing muscles and relieving tension.

60 minutes

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Lymphatic drainage is often recommended by doctors during pregnancy or in post-operative cases, especially plastic surgery.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that helps the body eliminate excess fluids and toxins.

Combats swelling or lymphedema, promotes healing, reduces bruising, improves blood circulation and prevents scar adhesions after surgery.

Lymphatic drainage consists of a massage with gentle movements, kept at a slow pace, to avoid disruption of the lymphatic vessels and aims to stimulate and facilitate the passage of lymph through the circulatory system.

Lymph is a liquid that circulates in the body, cleaning the blood of impurities and performing its immune role, together with antibodies in the blood, however, it can accumulate in excess in the tissues and, in some cases, can cause swelling and pain.


60 minutes

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SHR (Super Hair Removal) Laser technology allows for a more comfortable, safe and effective treatment for eliminating unwanted hair.


This latest generation technology provides the best hair removal results and can be used on all skin types,


Compatible with dark and tanned skin.


Effective in removing dark or blond hair. Does not eliminate white hair.


The SHR Laser technology guarantees the elimination of hair with a low number of sessions.


Book a free assessment and get a personalized quote and treatment plan.

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Regular physical exercise is one of the fundamental pillars of longevity and well-being.

At ANTIAGING CLINIC we offer a training plan suited to the specific needs, objectives and limitations of each individual.

All training sessions have dedicated monitoring to ensure that the exercises are performed correctly, with the appropriate posture and intensity.

To increase motivation, training is carried out on the ANTIAGING CLINIC rooftop, which has a privileged view over the beach and the sea.

With this view it's a pleasure to train.

The training plan can be adjusted by one of our doctors to suit specific situations such as post-surgery muscle strengthening, post-COVID lung capacity recovery, post-stroke mobility recovery, pre and postpartum.

When the goal is to lose weight, we recommend that you also be accompanied by our nutritionist to define a meal plan.

Book a free trial to define a training plan personalized to your needs.

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Intravenous therapies deliver the nutrients your body needs as quickly and efficiently as possible, bypassing the digestive process to ensure supplements are delivered directly to the cells that need them.

In this way, we can quickly control vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies, rehydrate the body and optimize well-being.

All infusions are adjusted to your specific needs, after the doctor evaluates your clinical analysis.

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Smoking seriously harms the health of people who smoke.

Quitting smoking is the best decision a smoker can make to improve their health and the health of those around them.

Quitting smoking reduces the risk of premature death.

People who stop smoking live on average 10 years longer compared to those who continue to smoke.

We have several methods at your disposal to help you stop smoking, with proven results. We warn that no existing method to stop smoking will work if there is no will.

We have a medical consultation available to monitor smoking cessation using pharmacological therapy.

We also have Relief therapy available through Soft-Laser, to stop smoking,

which consists of stimulating specific points on the ears, arms, face and hands.

These points identified by acupuncture, in order to induce a physiological effect capable of transmitting responsiveness to withdrawal symptoms (anxiety, irritability, physical discomfort...), experienced during nicotine deprivation, through the release of endorphins.

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