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Dr. Mónica Sequeira


Professional Podiatrist Card: 553


Our feet are our main means of transport, yet they are the most forgotten and neglected part of our body.

If you have problems with your feet, book a Podiatry consultation with Dr. Mónica Sequeira, at ANTIAGING CLINIC, in Marina de Portimão.

General podiatry, Geriatric Podiatry, Pediatric Podiatry, Sports Podiatry and risk foot.

We highlight personalized plantar supports (insoles), used to redistribute forces or relieve excessive pressure on a certain area of the foot, allowing correction of changes in posture and gait.

Ingrown toenails

Corns and calluses



Diabetic foot

Book a Podiatry consultation with Dr. Mónica Sequeira at ANTIAGING CLINIC

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